"Modern Abstract Art and the Rock Guitarist"

This abstract painting is actually the result of my love of the rock music. Modern abstract art can find its way into music.

Guitarist_130x110Abstract Art - Rock Guitarist (click for large image)

Stevie Ray Vaughan inspired me to make this oil painting full of colors and movements. When you are familiar with his music and his shows on stage than you know that this amazing musician had an unique expression and feeling for music. I told myself: "These unique expressions must end up at one of my paintings!"

The final result is an abstract oil painting on which the man himself is painted in red. As you know, the color "red" stands for passion. Would another color be better for emphasizing the expressions of this man? I guess not. My feelings told me, respect the universal language of abstract art and paint Stevie Ray Vaughan in the red color of passion!

Enjoy my abstract Oil Paintings and Sculptures made over the years when I was inspired by beautiful landscapes all over the world and the variety of cultures and people I met.