"Information about me as an Abstract Artist"

Something about me:

In 1976 I received my education in the Netherlands at the St. Joost Academy in Breda specialized in painting art and monumental design.

me at work in gallery

Over the years my work became a distinctive style. Inspiration for creating the various works is often caused by things around me, but also from nature.


Polished Sculpture

Some of my paintings are more abstract than others. Using your own imagination you will find the true personal meaning of a painting. Other paintings have a more visible and recognisable landscape in them. These paintings steer you in a particular direction with an emphasis to the beauty of the abstract topic.

The natural elements like water, air (space) and light often play an important role in the themes of my paintings. Especially the aspects spacial movements of these subjects is used by me for emphasising the expressions.

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me working at a sculpture


Polished Sculpture

For the making of my sculptures I prefer the natural materials like granite, hard stone, marble, wood and metal. These natural materials come closest to the "natural" results which I have in mind when making a sculpture.

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Wim Lemmens
Visual artist (painter and sculptor)
born 08/29/1947 in Tilburg, the Netherlands.


Enjoy my abstract Oil Paintings and Sculptures made over the years when I was inspired by beautiful landscapes all over the world and the variety of cultures and people I met.