"Abstract art Images through the Mirror"

Abstract art images of the artist himself are popular themes. The images can be painted, very realistic or abstract.

My reflectionAbstract Art - My reflection (click for large image)

An artist often puts "hidden" messages into a self portrait. Obvious details, or characteristics about him painted in such a way that your full attention is required. For this painting I used an object, a mirror, to reflect something about myself. I like observing my surroundings. Just like people do when they are watching me on the painting.

The difference between us is that You look "at" the painting. I on the other hand am looking back to you through the mirror in the painting. An attempt to make eye contact. You are the observer, I am the communicator! Communication with the use of this oil painting.

That is what I like to do. Let my work be part of "communication" between you, the observer, and me the painter.

Enjoy my abstract Oil Paintings and Sculptures made over the years when I was inspired by beautiful landscapes all over the world and the variety of cultures and people I met.